HELP 教师专业发展工作坊



  • English teacher TESOL workshop ( Jiangsu Hunan Anhui etc )




江苏苏州工业园区新洲幼儿园 (2007年)


国务院教育部学科教师“参与式”教学师资培训(共培训各学科小学和幼儿园教师约 1000人次)pre-service teacher training
国务院教育部学科教师"参与式“教学《教学勇气》进阶培训 (同上)

我们直接和间接服务的学生则通过我们的儿童品格项目 HELP


诺贝尔摇篮集团教师工作坊2008 国际儿童品格教育课程

如果您是第一次来到这里,请先注册,如何注册请看这里,入门请阅读这里,反馈和建议这里,问卷调查在这里,试验wiki 的编辑在这里。介绍自己在这里(要求每个老师在这里介绍在自己)

If you are English user please use Google translation tool to help you read here

wiki 是什么呢?请阅读这里


每天的课程以day 1
day 2 day 3 day 4 的方式在左手边, 您可以在每天课程之前提前了解下第二天的内容,也可以在课程结束后,您也可以通过语音的方式,随意留下几句您的感受, 和问题(wiki 每个页面上方都有disscusion直接可以留言), 我们也非常需要听到您的反馈,所以我们可以在10天中不断的调整.

为了方便我们交流,我们会在这次工作坊中使用一些所谓的web2.0的工具, 比如这个wiki ,比如GOOGLE论坛 (目前只加入本次工作坊的教师),比如好看簿的小组. (需要注册) 以及一个专门为这次工作坊设置的活动

The Below is the English version :

This is the Online place for pre-school English teachers workshop this summer 2008 at China Hunan Prov .

wikispaces is the easiest and coolest wiki in the world !! even no need to register just go ahead Edit and contribute !

Besides planning reasons , The teacher participants can use this wiki to preview what they are going to learn in the class, and to facilitate the informal communciation between trainees and trainers,and among the teachers too, also getting feedback from teachers,reinforce the learning , help implementing teacher projects/activities ( both within 10days and after 10 days ) , ,meanwhile, to offer some EFL listening/speaking/reading/writing current material for the teacher attendees( Aug 17th -Aug28th ) ,whch might be helpful to support their English learning and PD( Professional Development) ,become more professional .

Over all , we don't think we can achieve this goal all in this workshop , but we can provide direction, understanding, and resources for how to grow professionally in the area .( From Peter's recent email )

If you are the teachers from this workshop, there is dicussion tab at the top of each page ,go ahead click it and leave anything you want to share .

Enjoy your stay ,

Best Rgds

Peter Blackwell
Alan Wang
Leo Wang

2008 July