1. Survey Results finally coming

we have 7 teachers filled in the survey for 40 teachers , not fancy :( , but it is better than nothoing !
Let's work from
here to show some of wiki way .
Which means if we want the teachers is to use the Wiki within and after the workshop , we as the facilitator ( <smile> I feel Facilitator is just more faishionable to use )

Allan 's findings ( Thank you !)

  • Communicate little with foreigners
  • Write in English poorly
  • Rarely Use Internet as a learning and teaching tool
  • Teach English both in English and Chinese
  • Feel difficult in theme teaching and teaching children to speak in English
  • All female
My findings is more detailed , and also trying to make some connections to what we are going to talk in this workshop :

  1. one teacher has been working for 4 years 4 teachers have worked less than 1 year
  2. All full time teacher .
  3. 3 teachers have not attended the similar teacher workshop , other 4 have
  4. The classroom size range from 15-30 kids
  5. most of them 's degree are BA or Junior College ( from this we can guess they have a little theoretical background so it should be good for them to know some of theory from this workshop )
  6. some of them have got some kinda of English certificate like CET4 or Pets ( they are standardize test for the Chinese students here , which means they have master about 5000 vocabulary but doesnot show some proof they can use the language in a very flexible way mostly of test is on the reading and grammar ) but I found there is one teacher have attended Peter ,maybe from where you work , the Peking University and TIF immersion program ) we should ask her what was her expereince of that .
  7. Most of preschools have only about 2 English full time teachers ( who only teach English but maybe some of other subject teacher will teach too )
  8. All of them think that there is highly related between English teacher 's Enlgish level and his or her teaching effectivness or competency, which means that we should give them some traning or leading how they could improve their English and Peter it is important you should use me as a example for your demo i
  9. Most of them want to improve their Speaking Listening classroom interaction with kids , game using , and most of them want to learn Grammar , ( when I say "most" I mean more than 3 teachers ) , pronunciation
  10. Yes 3 out of 7 teachers often use Internet to look for materials for their teaching , which is not surprising , I take it not as a sigh for their lack of computer skills , it could be coz of the below reasons :(1) They use Computer for other things like Chatting playing games , they don't find Internet is a great way to learn (2) they are teaching preschool , the school is not pushing them very hard , except using textbook , they also need to find some supplementary material to help them to make the Textbook live by using some of outside of classroom ( which means we could and need to show them how they can enrich the textbook , and what Peter said about adapt the textbooks or materials to fit their needs )
  11. for what challegne them most , it is very vaired answer ,some say Oral English some say reading , some tell us the Student creative way of perform in class ,
  12. They often use Music movie game, and group activity , and reading story , to make their teaching more interesting
  13. Most of teacher find Speaking and LIstening are the most challengling part for them to improve comparing to reading and wiritng .
  14. The textbook they are using is called <happy word>< SunnyEnglish > and some of story books from some publisher I don't know that
  15. All of them feel Instruction design( maybe they will find this to be helpful ) is most diffficult thing for them to deal with in the class comparing to something like Classroom discipline , assessment , but some teachers found design the test is difficult and teaching reading and writing is very difficult too ( I think Peter the early reading and writing is a very important element in this workshop )
  16. Teacher are weak in their own Writing skills ( me too , I found Chinese English teacher , the most difficult part for them is the writing , coz yes I don't find I am confident in my own writing , and I feel some of things taught by my teacher were not right ) and I passed it to my own students . what a pathetic teaher I am :) but I think From the miillions of Email among three of us maybe Peter you can find some of common interesting part about Chinese Enlgish teacher's writing ( at least I am a teacher :)
  17. They use Flash cards , or outside classroom material as the teaching aids , some of CD DVD too , and worksheet too ( this is amazing ) , and Only( "only " is the brand ) Story books ( Wow Peter we could introduce them to some of good story books they can use ) 1 teacher use some kinda of Smart Machine ( no idea what it is ) to help him or her teach I guess something more like E-dictionary )
  18. Last but not the least , The teacher wish the workshop style or the expectation for us are I simply translate the below
  19. :(1) Topic based and more chatting style
  20. (2) Classroom peer teachers observation by teachers from Nobel and make it as a rule , so they can commucate with each other in a regually base , and the Preschool need to provide the traning from time to time , to get the teacher together ) (3) Improve my English speaking , Classroom control design interesting lesson plan , also more informal workshop style ) (4) I want to have more chances like Peter can come to train us more often and no matter in what form ,no matter in what way , I think it will do good to our English and our teaching ablity
    (5) I want some practical instruction design , and some of practical game I can use with my students
    (6) I want to see how I ca use some of original English movie or clips or music I can bring to my class to make it more alive and interesting
    (7) Improve my own English like Speaking or listening and more practical leading on using Games etc , don't want too much theory
    (8) Interaction more between Teacher trainer and us ,more easy going